Fairphone is the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone.

Ernesto Artillo is one of the artist I like the most since many years ago. I love collaging because it makes possible to mix influences composing feelings. It was one of my favourites affairs at primary school-...


 In 2015 I watched this documentary that I consider totally worth it and necessary to watch. It shows how complex and diverse the world is because of human complexity. Hope you enjoy it as well, you can get more information here


Last year I read the book named "Knowmads: The workers of the future." and I really enjoyed it. It's only in Spanish, but probably you know about knowmad concept. If not, John Moravec talk about it here and in his book Knowmad Society (2013). 

In my opinion, the kn...


Creating with hands, heart and head subject is about we inventing and creating these projects. But some days ago I just discovered the Institute of Imagination and it also fit here. So I want to share it with you. 

Probably you know about Sir Ken Robinson. (Two pop...


This year I was volunteer at Offf festival on Friday afternoon and Sunday. Even I could spent less time than last year listening the speaches it was a great experience.

I still need to have a look at all the work of this year' speakers. You can also do it at offf.b...


So because better late than never... here I come with all the speakers that came to Offf at the 27th May 2017

You can also want to know the speakers that came at the 27th May 2017: here they are  😉 and here the 26th May 2017

SPIN W/ Tony Brook: website, Facebo...


April is here with us again. My favourite month. And Offf festival with it. 

As you may know. I didn't know about OFFF until last year, where I participate on it as a volunteer. It was great and so inspiring. So I shared with you some artists that attended that mee...


Last month I discovered the Circular Design Guide from IDEO. 

I was always interested in creating reusable items. Since I was eleven years old I one of my hobbies is to create necklades with materials that others seems to feel like "trash". 

I love the ide...


Spring is my favorite season and April probably my favorite month. So here's April with a new Inspirational Corner ready to give you inspiration. I promise myself I will be tenacious making The master of my life plump of content. 

So here the inspiration that last...


Well, hi 🙋 

It was quite long time since the last time I update this website. 

But during all these months that I was out, the purpose of continuing THE MASTER OF MY LIFE was always present. Now, I came again, with the goal of giving consistency and content to this...

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