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The development idea of this master is about creating collaborative environments.

Why keep to myself everything that I learn? Why not share it with the ones who are interested?


But “I post and you read” is not the key.


Collaborative environments means that you can be a main actor at that master if you want. Some projects inside of the subjects are designed in that way. Making possible not only I enjoy this project, but more people participating on it. So it’s about learning and enjoying together.


creative subjects

And some collaborative activities by social media tools will come soon.  

You can have access to subjects' content reading it here.


Also if you're in Barcelona sometimes there will come some activities that you can join. 


Internet allows us to connect each other without being in the same place. So if you have some ideas or inspirational sites about the subjects and you want to share it: it doesn't matter if you aren't in Barcelona. There is a place in that web for you!


Just send me an email: 

¡Bien! Mensaje recibido

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