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Thinking-out, development and achievement of creative-craft-projects and experiments.


The main goal of this subject is to create projects that we care and enjoy. Doing it, everyone who get involved will learn and improve techniques to perfectionate how to create & design ideas.


To make this subject for real it's needed to involve others. The main goal is to make every project more real and authentic.  Always being surrounded by the purpose of being crital and striving for enjoying every single moment of the process. Being collaborative and spreading passion.


The content is going to go out and flow following the master pillars.


The first ideas from where it is going to grow are:


  • Design and make real events/products that other people likes/enjoy.

  • Create experiences for others.

  • Participate into culture creation and into the conception of the world where we live in.


You can see the content through this tag: Creating with hands heart head

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