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human centered

This master is focus on the quality of being human.

Human centered is about being aware of who I am. My dreams, fears, desires, backgrounds, effects and beliefs. But also about the dreams, fears, desires, passions and needs of the people I share life with.

young creative profile

The dynamic of this master is action-oriented and development-in-process.


“Finnish what you started; close the drawers” is the quote to follow here. My mother always says when you leave a task half done is like letting drawers open. It makes you consume energy needlessely cause you mind is constantly reminding you need to close it.


Keeping into thoughts of “how are you going to do it” makes you stay at the same place. (action-oriented). And the only way to learn is throughout the process. (development-in-process).

Appreciative communication

Appreciative and open communication is about not judging situations, ideas, realities as good or bad. Is the way to understand them accepting how they are.


Open means assertiveness, honesty, self-awareness and empathy. Appreciative means being conscious and grateful about what we are and what we do. But also being honest to know, accept, face and establish the limits.

creating with head, heart, hands

Three types of energy aligned.


As human beings we have three kinds of energy: Head, Heart, Hands. We need all of them at different times. It’s about knowing when you needed each one to support your process.


HEAD: intellect, thoughts, knowledge and understanding.
HEART: feelings, passion and connection.
HANDS: action, physical effect and creation.


power to choose

Do I make conscious decisions? Every day we create our own path by decisions. Being able to choose means we are responsible for ourselves and our actions. And with choice, we give energy and direction to our life. Have the power to choose is about taking, being aware and grateful of this responsibility.


This pillar is about stepping into the unknown, trusting that some things do not depend on you. And you can’t control everything. It’s about trusting the magic to happen as you let go.


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