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My name is Laura I was born in 1992, in Spain, and the idea behind The master of my life has been in my mind for a long time.


Since I was a child I feel passionated about designing and creating new things. Turning into reality the ideas I have in mind. But when I really started to see and understand what design is was at summer 2012.


That summer I was going to turn into 20 years old girl. So I decided to take this time to do an introspective work to remember, re-learn and re-discover. A time to start to name the things that make me feel more fulfilled and happy. 


Following this idea I started to create and develop my own brand of jewelry and home accessories. I called it "desastrosilla" -that means "little disaster" in an affectionate way- because it was how my father used to call me as nickname when I was small.

In the beginning of that year I applied for being volunteer at Solar Decathlon Europe. I did it because I fall in love with the project even I wasn't so sure of being chosen. I wasn’t an architecture student and this event was prepared specially for them.


Against my thoughts, at the end of July I recived a call asking me when to start. It was an amazing experience. The participants of the competition were architecture students from different universities from Europe, Asia and South America. Even they were competing, the good atmosphere flowed around everyone. 


I was the only one not used to architecture/design vocabulary and environment, so I learned a lot. I could feel like being at an international summer camp. Feeling so happy remembering when I used to go to summer camps few years ago. Learning so much because I was “the outsider”. Feeling always welcomed due to their interest on teaching me the essence of architecture which I was curious about.


Both experiences -"desastrosilla" project and Solar Decathlon Europe- made me get the meaning of the word “design” clear in my mind. But it wasn’t until two years later when I started to understand it.

Solar decathlon

It was the last year of college. At that moment, attending to “History of Design” masterclasses was like going to a museum. I felt fascinated by so many incredible things that I didn’t know. At that moment I was sure I was born to work at something related with design.


Following my desire to discover and learn more about design I developed a research about eco-packaging design as bachelor work.

The university time was running out. I graduated at Advertising and PR in July 2014. And at that moment I knew I needed to have an experience abroad. So in January 2015 I moved to Zurich, Switzerland, to live my first long experience abroad. (You can know more about that through that blog)


At April 2015 I had the chance to apply for being National Responsible of External Relation of AIESEC in Spain. But my fears were stronger than me and they made me feel uncertain the days before the deadline. I didn’t organise my time well, so at the end I didn’t have enough time to send the full application. It makes me understand that we always have to fight and follow our dreams. Because not always we’re going to find another opportunity to do it.


So next month I started to think what I wanted to do as next step in my life. And the idea of creating my own master came out. It is a way to learn and grow in the areas and skills I need to improve in order to do better what I feel passionate about.


This idea came out in Zurich, and was running through my mind until the day I decided to stop planning things and start doing them. It was a rainy day in Zurich, after a Sunday conversation with a friend drinking a hot chocolate. I was wondering about the possibility of extending my experience in Zurich for six months more or moving forward with this project. She told wise words: “You can’t stay in a place because you like the people or the city lifestyle. These things can change. You can be in paradise with the best people around but if what you’re doing day by day doesn’t make you proud, you will be unhappy.”


I am so happy about that conversation we had in that rainy Sunday. She empowered me so much. And the next day when I woke up my first thought was: “Now, I’m going to enjoy the three months I am going to stay in Switzerland. And after that I have a project to make real.”


So this is the beginning of The master of my life’s story. Hope you enjoy participating at the development and outcome of it.


You can know more about my professional profile and contact with me through LinkedIn  

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