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I was born the 1st August 1992 in Sevilla (south of Spain). My parents were born in the north and center of Spain, so I have always felt that my soul is made by a mix of different cultures from the same country. It has allowed me to have an outsider view, realizing reality is malleable.

What I love the most is to communicate, convey feelings, turn ideas into a reality, interact with others and handicrafts.

When I turned 12 years old I started to spend my free time doing volunteerism and creating necklaces from recycled materials. 


Dude to it, now I have loooots of necklaces and I have met with people who belong to different realities. It has helped me to become more emphatic and have increased my passion of meeting people who increase my perception of the world.


At the age of 16 years old I started to take a notebook in my handbag. If you don't write down your ideas you will forget them (at least I do).

I always have dreamed to have my own decor store brand where to sell my products. It's the reason why with 8 years old I designed and created a handmade cash register. Also trying to convice my parents to let me sell my handmade products at a flea market. 

Very happily, two years later I used that cash register at a flea market where I sold almost all of my handmade objects.

While I was growing up I wanted to:

  • live in a circus being a clown to make people laugh around the word. 

  • become animal trainer at a zoo.

But when I turn into 15 years old, realising how good I felt while creating, I started to forget my desire of working with animals. Thinking how great would be to become a coolhunter. 

I have always felt interested about communication and creativity. Thinking on having the posibilityearning how to search and found trends seems amazing to me. So I decided to study Advertising and PR. at the university. Looking for becoming a creative advertising developer or a coolhunter. 

Now I want to develop myself and make my best contribution working at environments related with design, communication and marketing.

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