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Discovering culture

Cultural knowledge rise: Starting reviewing contemporary culture (subject that I studied at university). Continue going through cultures of the world knowledge and completing it being at-to-date of the cultural/artistic current situation.


The content of that subject is based on coursera courses, TED Talks, films, documentaries, books and reading museum web pages and magazines like Time Out, Yorokobu, Condé Nast Traveller, Nace, Jot Down, Yatzer, i-D, BCN Més, PlayGround, etc – you can find them for free at different shops or by internet. This subject is linked with trips and talks with people coming from different cultures. Also with art, photography, design, audiovisual expositions and museum visits.


How you can participe on that subject?

cultural lovers

One meeting per month where we’ll learn more about culture (painting, city, cinema, architecture…)


If you are living in Barcelona or you’re going to stay in the city the day we celebrate the meeting you can join! Couple of weeks before the meeting it will be announced at the blog. Here you’ll find what’s about and the material you will need to bring. Everyone with desire to learn, share and enjoy is welcome, let’s become Cultural Lovers together!


You can see the content through this tag: Culture Vulture

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