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Learning by Learning, let's start

Well, hi 🙋

It was quite long time since the last time I update this website.

But during all these months that I was out, the purpose of continuing THE MASTER OF MY LIFE was always present. Now, I came again, with the goal of giving consistency and content to this project.

Maybe you know why I started to design "my own master studies". Maybe you don't. If it's your case, I can explain it brieflyu: It was 2015. I was living in Zurich, already 10 months after finishing my university studies and feeling I wanted to continue learning, improving knowledge that I had and discovering new ones. But... there was no master degree that tie all the topics that I was interested in 🤔

What if I design a study program made by what I'm interested on learning?

So it was what I did.

It's incredible how time flies. It doen't seem like it was already almost 2 years ago. And the fact is that this idea is steal fresh and alive in my mind everyday stronger than the last. Now I have less time to invest on it. But I will do my best to continuing making it real and every day better. And making possible that others can participate and be part of THE MASTER OF MY LIFE.

If you had been following THE MASTER OF MY LIFE from the beginning you may know this is a new subject. I deleted cookery subject and Learning by Learning is now on the stage!!! 🤔

Why Learning by Learning? What does it mean?

This subject is going to be about all new trends, changes and progress in regard of learning systems. So let's start with the getting on it!

On November 2015, linked by Design Thinking' subject, I suggest you to watch Ken Robinson's TED Talk about "Do schools kill creativity?". (You can read the post here)

So I was not a creative mind dicovering a whole universe. Many people (young and adults) don't want to stack their knowledge into a box. With internet we're living in a more global environment where the learning system has to be also more global and complex than it's now.

And for today knowledge I want you to watch this video:

I will write you soon to continue sharing new ways of continue loving learning 😘

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