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Offf 2017

This year I was volunteer at Offf festival on Friday afternoon and Sunday. Even I could spent less time than last year listening the speaches it was a great experience.

I still need to have a look at all the work of this year' speakers. You can also do it at

And now I want to share with you four professional artits: two of them that I discovered at the Offf festival last year: Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh.

And Vallée Duhamel ❤️ that I love the work they do, so I didn't want to lose the chance to hear their presentation this year:

I will start talking first about Vallée Duhamel because I'm so BIG fan of what they do. Also by how they do it. Here you can see the Main Titles they did for this Offf 2017 - Where you can find the names of all the speakers -

They describe their work as high quality, lo-fi, handmade visuals. But what I know is that it's not possible to describe it without watching it. I just love it sooooo much!!

Here a video campaign they did for Samsung:

Here how they did it:

Did you understand now why I couldn't miss their speach at Offf this year? And they are so from the ground, SO HUMBLE! ❤️ I think I have a crush on them since when I discovered what they do... You can check more of their work at their website.

Some work they did together that I really think it's worth it to watch: 12 kinds of kindness, Forty days of dating

Some work I love from Jessica: Ladies, Wine and a bit of Design

Hope you enjoyed it! You can also get the info about the Offf 2016 speakers here, here and here.

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