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So because better late than never... here I come with all the speakers that came to Offf at the 27th May 2017

You can also want to know the speakers that came at the 27th May 2017: here they are 😉 and here the 26th May 2017

Most important leader in the design and creativity industry, Tony Brook is a designer, publisher, collector and co-founder of Spin. He is firmly rooted in the grand tradition of graphic design, with a profound respect for and knowledge of graphic design's history.

Spin is a multi-disciplinary best known for the creation of powerful contemporary identities for an international clientele; delivering clear, elegant design solutions across multiple platforms. It has received recognition for its work in print, television and cinema graphics, digital design, poster design and typography.

Matt Lambert: website, Instagram, Twitter

Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer represented by Iconoclast. Often exploring themes of intimacy, youth, sexuality and identity; his current film work is a hybrid of narrative, documentary and experimental filmmaking.

He has recently completed writing and directing a TV series with a major US network based on themes of youth, love and sex as well as released his first book of photography entitled, KEIM

Lullatone are a musical duo comprised of the husband and wife team of Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida. They make sweet songs with whispered lyrics, poppy melodies, and carefully arranged beats. They use children’s instruments, splashing water, household sounds, and electronic sounds. Together, they joined artist Jono Brandel Google Creative Lab’s Data Arts Team member and lead designer of VRSE at OFFF Barcelona 2016 to present creative projects such as: Patatap - a portable animation and sound kit which with the touch of a finger, one can create melodies charged with moving shapes. Patatap invites creators of all ages to engage the mind and senses in a different type of audio/visual creation process.

Over the past decade Johnny Cupcakes, founded by speaker Johnny Earle, has grown from a "joke" to a multi-million dollar, highly exclusive t-shirt brand driven by a community of world-wide collectors. Johnny shared his story of how he took his t-shirt brand from the trunk of his rusty car at age 19, with a learning disability, to some of the world's most sought after retail locations. Through his inspiring, and certainly unpredictable journey, Johnny exuded the fundamental connection between the person and the brand.

Mr Bingo is called Mr Bingo because when he was 19 he won £141 at the Gala Bingo. He’s been making it rain ever since. True story! In 2011 he began the project Hate Mail on Twitter, where strangers paid him to send a hand-drawn offensive postcard to a name and address of their choice. In summer 2015, he ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund a high-end art book of his Hate Mail illustrations with a rap video, making it the most successful Kickstarter for a book in the UK ever. He continues to be very interested in using interactions with strangers to fuel his work, whether that is through illustration, video, music or writing. Social media is a big part of this. Mr Bingo is ready to rock OFFF 2016 stage next year!

Golden Wolf is an award winning animation and a solution-focussed production company. Their ever-growing in-house team has collaborated on a diverse range of projects for global brands as well as local ones. They are problem-solvers at heart, believing that every creative challenge should be approached with a tailor-made, bespoke solution.

Gavin Stranger & Merlin Crossingham W/ Aardman Animation (Main Titles): Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Four Times Oscar Winning Studio behind Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Creature Comforts, Chicken Run, Morph, Angry Kid... Their work continues to be innovative, entertaining, brilliantly characterised and full of charm, reflecting the talent, energy and personal commitment of all the people who comprise the Aardman team. They worked alongside Senior Designer Gavin Strange and Aardman director and Creative Director Merlin Crossingham to create OFFF Barcelona 2016 Main Titles!

Timothy Goodman: website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Award winning designer, illustrator & art director. Timothy began his career as a book jacket designer at Simon & Schuster, and he graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where he now teaches. In conjunction with his client work, he spends a significant amount of time on personal projects and writing.

Linda Liukas: website, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter

Is a programmer also the author and illustrator of Hello Ruby, a children’s book about the whimsical world of computers, as well as the founder of Rails Girls, a global movement to teach young women programming in more than 220 cities. She previously worked at Codecademy, a programming education company in New York but left to work on the children's book which she believes is one of the best platform to introduce kids to programming. She loves Muji, Zelda Fitzgerald, software and sparkly things.

The Foundry presents Glassworks: website, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube

Glassworks is a modern post-production facility supplying high-end animation and visual effects with a reputation defined by a passion for quality, innovation and personalised service.

They will be presenting two of its recent projects:

Jordi Barés (Creative Director at Glassworks London) talked about how Glassworks teamed up with Heartworks medical devision to provide the most realistic heart model and animation in the world to make Juan Cabral’s vision of an amazing journey outside and inside an athlete the most honest possible take.

Javier Verdugo (head of 3D at Glassworks Barcelona) and David Gómez (head of 2D at Glassworks Barcelona) token the audience through their work on “A Monster Calls”, a visually outstanding drama from acclaimed director J. A. Bayona, which is due for release in Autumn 2016.

Online website building platform, with over 80 million users. The Wix Studio is one of the largest in-house studios in the country, with nearly 100 designers working together. They take pride in the fact that all aspects of design are done by them from branding, printed materials, animation, web design and more.

Random Studio: website, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo

Interactive design studio of visual artists, developers and engineers, creating experiences that blur the boundaries between art, design and technology, the physical and the nonphysical. They work in a wide range of disciplines including interactive installations, online platforms and animation.

Rezaliando and Fizah Rahim are both Co-Founders and Design Directors for Machineast, a creative studio based in Singapore that believes in creating rich visual aesthetics for 3D illustration, typography, and design.

Claudio Guglieri is an independent product designer and creative director in San Francisco. David Navarro is a designer, creative director and full time supervillain in Amsterdam. They both present a talk about the future of digital design. They explore what we can learn from the big screen and how that can be applied to our daily jobs with the internet. As digital designers what we do today will have consequences tomorrow, it's a great power that comes with a great responsibility. Are you curious about how Design and Scifi have crossed paths over time? How have they influenced each other? These are some of the keypoints of our ongoing research.

Is the alter ego of a 25 year old illustrator Bert. Based in Belgium, he's an award winning graphic designer trying to conquer the world with his car, Toon and himself. MUSKETON followed the EXIT signs to follow his dream which is to become the self-employed creative he's always wanted to be.

Córdoba Canillas: website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Art direction and design service founded by Diego Córdova and Martí Canillas. They develop magazines, books, catalogues, publications, digital media and brands for commercial and institutional clients. CC creates identities from conception to production by merging the cultural flow with brand’s environment, building interfaces that are both timely and timeless.

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