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Last year I read the book named "Knowmads: The workers of the future." and I really enjoyed it. It's only in Spanish, but probably you know about knowmad concept. If not, John Moravec talk about it here and in his book Knowmad Society (2013).

In my opinion, the knowmad concept it's great, even I think it's not a profile that fit with everyone. But the main question that I consider when thinkin on it is: Is the market ready for implemented it with a good conditions not only for the business but for the worker?

It's a reality that the world environment is changing day by day due to technology development. We continue building physical borders and not for everyone is easy to move from the place where they were born. Nonetheless, today it's easier to connect and to stay in contact with people and realities that are far from where we are.

The TED Talk by Taiye Selasie illustrate to me so good how the world is now.

Another topic related with the new market place and the world shaping system are "Millennials".

And an article related with it that I like a lot is: Why Generation Y and Yuppies are unhappy.

I do not believe past times where better, I use to have hope in the future by the contribution of the present. I think economical system for young people is not the best now, at least in Spain. And so because of it there were reasing knowmads profiles.

The outlines are changing, now we don't want to spend a life working on something we don't believe in. We want to combine passion and work. But we still have to pay bills and have lunch and dinner every day. Some companies are taking advance of our desire of working, watching the persistence we have on working at something we feel passion about. Taking for guarantee that we don't care about money if we love what we do. And we care, because no one lives only from the passion. So in my opinion, there's still path to walk and to improve.

Five years ago when I used to write at this blog, I post this video. - It's in Spanish, so maybe some of you will not understand it. But I want to share it for the ones who knows the language, because it's recorded at the year of 2012 and it shows same reality we're talking right now.-

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