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Offf (2)

April is here with us again. My favourite month. And Offf festival with it.

As you may know. I didn't know about OFFF until last year, where I participate on it as a volunteer. It was great and so inspiring. So I shared with you some artists that attended that meeting.

But, my fault, I know. I only share here the ones that come the first day. And the others?? 😱🤔

So here they are, don't blame me 😉 and you can get deeply into all the information through their web page.

27th May 2017

Innovative production studio. Their studio is a breeding ground of disciplines with a common vision to achieve groundbreaking marketing experiences & create new audiences; it includes film directors, innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, art directors, designers and producers - delivering installations, events, social films, VR content, games & digital campaigns.

With their firm belief in the importance of bespoke design solutions, Non-Format works with clients to communicate their messages, define their identities and build their brands since the turn of the millennium. They work with multi-national brands on campaigns or major product launches; with publishers or retailers, creating editorial design for magazines, books or publications of all kinds; with record labels to establish an identity for a new band, and perhaps even a good old-fashioned album sleeve with promo material; with art directors at advertising agencies, helping them with their campaigns, perhaps by creating a photographic or illustrative image.

Graphic design studio specializing in brand identity, editorial design and illustration. They love geometry, color and direct typography which is the essence of who they are.

Digital Kitchen (the speaker was Alaa Mendili): website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo

Creative and digital agency that has been shaping culture for nearly 20 years. By putting emotion first, they have broken new ground and redefined categories through creative work — from re-inventing the TV main title, to setting the new standard in experience design, to launching a multi-billion dollar entertainment platform. Their thirst for innovation and tendency to ask “what if” attracts not only the world leading brands, but the best creative and strategic talent in the world.

Tokyo-born filmmaker. Enigmatic and loaded with ennui, his work with Childish Gambino, Flying Lotus, St. Vincent, Cults, Chet Faker each exude a confidence. "I'll listen to a song so much that ideas start to form out of daydreaming. It's as if I'm reverse-scoring the track and building visuals around a specific beat or riff that's grabbed me" via Billboard.

James White aka SIGNALNOISE: website, Behance, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo

Drawing since the age of 4, James White is a visual artist, designer and illustrator - the rock star behind the coolest alternative movie posters and our all-time favorite characters. He never stopped creating and working on his own projects which resulted in the creation of the Signalnoise Studio. Today, James focuses on various neon-infused art projects, creating some pieces to compliment his childhood in the 1980s.

New York based artist, designer, and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. Joshua Davis has been using technology and computers as a medium to create projects; he is also the honorable OFFF Godfather for the past 15 years. In 2015 edition, Joshua created the best chill-out experience by Sub Rosa for you to hang out at: floating in The Deepest of Space at OFFF Barcelona 2015!

Kiran Gandhi: website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

She grew up in New York City playing drums and attending The Chapin School. In 2013, Kiran linked up with artist M.I.A. and began touring internationally with her as her drummer all across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. That same year, Kiran was also accepted to Harvard Business School’s M.B.A. program, and so when she began school in the fall in Boston, was still touring simultaneously with M.I.A. Kiran’s TEDx talk on “Atomic Living” embodies her belief that by knowing and protecting the things that matter to you most, life’s toughest choices become easier to navigate.

Recently a business school graduate, Kiran is working on her solo music project called Madame Gandhi. Her goal is to combine her intellectual and musical talents in order to re-imagine a music industry that is healthier for women and girls around the world.

Motion graphics studio created by Joan Divins and Dani Planas. Coming from art and graphic design, they are enthusiastic about work and energy drinks. They go by their motto: Sleep less, energise more! and are always experimenting and innovating in each project involved.

Carla Cascales: Website, Instagram, Twitter

Freelance illustrator, Carla studied graphic design in Pompeu Fabra. She devotes her time to do creative work where she can be dedicated to what she does. Passionate about art and design, in particular editorial design, typography, hand lettering, packaging and photography.

Bienal Comunicación: website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo

Multidisciplinary studio that builds intelligent, valuable brands that transmit experiences and links through communication. Knowing that building a brand requires much more than just creativity, Bienal lives by a 'Working Rocking' philosophy. Taking passion as an engine and making it a life style full of commitment, and impeccable taste.

Somerset + Mills: website, Instagram

Boutique style production studio specialising in direction, concept and design for entertainment. They can work across cinema, broadcast, music video, fashion, art, events and installations. They like the unexpected, they tell stories and shape experiences. They are Visual Storytellers.

The Six & Five studio: website, Behance, Facebook

Contemporary art studio exploring the frontier zone between art and design. The studio was founded by Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini, both Art Directors and Graphic Designers based in Buenos Aires. Their refined imagination, poetic compositions, edgy minds and sleek skills makes Six & Five a hit in the uniqueness and purity of its results.

Danny Sangra: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo

The polymath of creativity. Sangra’s truly original pieces incorporate design, film, illustration and video/art direction, often with an iconoclastic approach. After studying graphic design at Central St Martins he went on to have solo exhibitions in London, Europe, Tokyo and New York. Danny is also with Academy Films as a director and recently created videos for Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, Mulberry, Lianne La Havas and A$AP Rocky

Letters Are My Friends: website, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo

Concept store for typography right in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. A place where analogue and digital type meet with emerging technologies. One part of ‘Letters Are My Friends’ is a cosy showroom where letter relationships can be experienced in a physical space and progressive way. The other part consists of a production label: design studio vs. prototyping lab.

Javier Jaén: website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Graphic Designer focusing on editorial illustration, book covers, and cultural communication. His is a symbolic, playful language, and he looks for narrative scenarios and aesthetics in close context, related to the everyday experience.

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