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Welcome  to  my  master!!

My name is Laura, I love learning and putting into practice my creative skills in all I do.


Days before reaching the age of 23 I started to design my own educational program. Not finding the academic institution which offer all the subjects I wanted to study drove me to create an independent study routine and share it online. 


It feels great to know that someone else around the globe can be also interested on learning the same topics.


If others can be benefited from it, why to keep all the tools I'm using and the knowledge I'm getting for myself? Isn't it much better to share it?


Monthly Glossary


There is a place for you

What you and others want to share

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There is a place for you

Do you have some ideas related with the subjects that you want to share? 

Do you know some virtual or physical places to get inspiration or knowledge that are worth it to be known? 

Do you want to make a video explaining who to do a DIY activity but you don't know where to share it?



Thank you! Soon you will get an answer :)

Place where a monthly inspiration lives.

- Here  there  is  a  place  for different languages to be. Because inspiration understand languages as way to be inspired and to inspire others-

This blank space is waiting to be filled by the inspiration you want to share.


The only requierement is that this content have to be related with one of the subject of this master.

The rest doesn't matter.


All the language and formats (video, audio, written words, picture, painting, PDF, gif...) are available.


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