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Circular Design

Last month I discovered the Circular Design Guide from IDEO.

I was always interested in creating reusable items. Since I was eleven years old I one of my hobbies is to create necklades with materials that others seems to feel like "trash".

I love the idea of giving a new life, a second chance, a different perspective to objects. So I love the concept of circular economy. In fact, the final project I did at the university in 2014 was a research work about Sustainable Packaging. I love packaging, recycling and sustainable design. So to do it was quite fun ❤️

If you also love this topic I encourage you to have a look into Circular Design Guide as well as to join LinkedIn Group. So you will have access to new interesting content related with it.

And now I want you to know Fairphone company, the world's first ethical modular smartphone.

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