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The inspirational corner (1)

Hi everyone! September is with us and I'm here again :)

As you can see at the front page of the website, there's a place for inspiration.

Every month I was sharing with you some tips that inspires me. But it was a pity to lose all this past inpirational quotes, videos, images, ect, for being replaced by the new ones of the new month.

September has arrived and with it new inspirations. But we are not going to lose what July had given us. So every time one month is going and another coming, I will recover here what was about THE INSPIRATIONAL CORNER for the last month.

Here it goes!

[Click on it to see the whole article]:

To know how to create a cereal bowl custome go here :D

And here is how THE INSPIRATIONAL CORNER was looking last month. Hope it has inspired you :)


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