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Refreshing it

Hi there!

If you were following The master of my life's activity problaby you know this project were born in Switzerland before Summer 2015. That idea came real at January 2016 where I moved to Barcelona. And then I started developing it.

Now we all are in 2017. And The master of my life is shaping to fit better with all I want to do and learn during this year. According with what I did and I have learned from the last year.

So here we go:

The initial subjects that I started studying and sharing with you were the following ones:

But now, they are going to turn into:

- Learning by Learning

- Design Thinking

- Types of Design

- Fashion Design

- Culture Vulture

- Digital Environment

So some of the following content will change. But the new one will come along more frequently and being more interactive.

Stay tuned, more new will come soon...


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