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Hello, hello.

As you can see I have new website. It all came after:

- A deep thought and analysis of what I desire for The master of my life's project.

- The market research and the survey form I did at the end of April.

- The feedback analysis based on the answers.

In a month I will be flying to Poland to live an international volunteer activity. And in August I will start appling for jobs at companies that allows me to continue growing and make a great contribution.

So..... What happens with The master of my life?

I want to continue developping it in my free time. There are so much ideas that I couldn't developed because to create and improve an own project takes time. But I really want to develop and improve all of them and some new ones that I have received in the survey form.

I'm in a stage of my life where I want to work for others, in team, being a developer instead of creating all by own. It's the reason why I want to combine learning and growth in a professional environment, (in an environment where to contribute with my work, having a job that allows me to pay my bills, working in team and learning by doing), with my personal seeking for new knowledge to get and to share at The master of my life.

The current set of subjects I'm coursing are:

Review of the main design methologies, studing history of design reading books and seeking for current designers that I find inspiring.

Contemporary culture knowledge searching, cultivation of critical thinking, TED Talks videos and movies, visiting museums, art galleries and places of interest. Having in mind that I want to develop "Culture Lovers" project.

Reading what The Guardin has said about "Fashion Industry" during the last year. Starting basic knowledge about fashion design industry. And improving the artistic stage by drawing pictures of outfits that I like and returning to collaging (that I love!).

I want to make real what I always have dreamed. Turning this pictures in my reality.

Also you can get the knowledge of the events I have attended through the diary of the master:

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