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This is for you.

Due to the knowledge I am getting by studying Design Thinking and Inbound Marketing I had an idea. This is about putting into practice the theoretical knowledge I am learning starting by the design development of this blog.

The objective of this blog is to give others the posibility to study with me. To deliver accessible content to anyone who is interested on the subjects and wants to learn more about them. That’s why I am sharing this content so others can be benefited from it.

So what a great idea is to apply design thinking and inbound knowledge to create this tool: Empathizing with the people who is interested into using it, buy asking them; Defining it based on their answers; Ideating it by creating a buyer persona profiles and buyer’s journeys; Prototyping and Evaluating it.

Your inputs and feedback are so important to make it possible. Here you can tell me how would you like this blog looks like filling this form.

I’m working on the research, the content will come back again as soon as possible.

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