Gift wrapping

[originally published 18th December 2015]

The best is always inside but you know, the first things we look at are outside, right? So today I am going to share with you some ideas to create personalized wraps to your gifts.

One easy idea is to buy crêpe paper and draw on it simple shapes (stars, dots, leaves, hearts, etc)

A cheap and fantastic idea is wrapping gifts with magazine paper. I use to keep lots of pages from magazines, brochures, tickets, tags from the clothes, pages that I find interesting of school books that we decided to throw away, etc, because I use them to customize the cover of my notebooks.

When I’m reading a magazine, my mind is always (even unconsciously) analyzing if each page of it can be use for it.

And I love wrapping gifts with magazine paper because you’re making the gift looks great, unique and personalized.

Another idea related with it is to create a collage. To search in magazines objects and landscapes the person who is going to receive the gift loves. Gluing all of them in a paper and using it to wrap your gift.

One idea I love is to go an travel agency, pick some travel magazines and then cut some buildings and monuments from different parts of the world or from the places the person who is going to receive the gift loves. Making a composition with all of them.

Continuing with the magazine wrapping idea, you can also take a picture you love and customize it writing on it or sticking things over it.

Are you searching for something more original but trendy at the same time? All right. You can wrap your gift making it looks like an emoticon. Here the one I did, but you can choose the one you love the most.

Easy, minimalistic and cool it’s to wrap your gifts with white paper writing on them personalized quotes.

I love to recycle and find ways to reuse objects. It’s the reason why years ago I used to customize cheese boxes to use them as packaging for small gifts. (I have to say this boxes are from a cheese that not stink. If not, of course this idea is not recommended if you love the person who is going to recive the gift.)

Another recycling package idea is to take a box where the gift can fit in, to take away the superficial paper, and to paint the surface with water paints.

And the last but not least idea comes from Paper Crave. I found it searching at Pinterest and in their web page you can find more ideas to do related with paper.

Here it’s the template to create a packaging by yourself.

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