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Fashion Design general ideas

[originally published 17th November 2015]

Welcome to the beginning of Fashion Design subject.

I always felt interest about clothing as a way to express feelings and personality. Since I was a child I felt it was an opportunity that everyday you can practice as a tool to continue communicating and creating. For that reason I don’t understand fashion as a way to follow trends. I like fashion design and the habit of clothing every morning because it makes us able to express/communicate and connect with others.

Years ago I realised about something I didn’t know before: some people don’t dress how they want to. I got to this idea after a conversation that started with a question: “Laura, I always thought about asking you something but I never did it. What do you think when you get dress?”

“Hahaha, I find it funny because you are the third person who has asked me this. Well, I don’t know, I just think how I feel and how it can be materialized in clothes. But not always, sometimes I just take something I know that fit me well. Everyone do it, don’t you? Why are you asking me this?”- I answered.

After that I realised not everyone dress how they like to. Some people dress how they thought other people would like them to be dress. (I find it is confusing and stupid. Even I have realised that in some occasions it happens to me also- i.e when I like a tight dress but I don’t wear it because I feel other people will think not nice things about me.)

So, do you see it? To dress is also a way to communicate with others. As in a dialogue we have to know where we are, and with who, to know which words we have to use; when dressing we also have to know where we’re going to go to be in the context of dressing code it’s needed. But in our daily life I think it is essential to feel free to dress as we want to. To have a personal way to communicate also with clothes.

I created a blog when I was seventeen to share the idea of having fun dressing. At that moment I used to spent some of my free time watching YouTube Fashion interviews/documentaries.

So today, the content of Fashion Design subject is going to be to remember that you can find so much content thanks to YouTube. Here a video from Alexa Chung talking about how she and some relevant people from the fashion industry see the future of fashion.

You can watch it on the following video (1 hour) or by parts through YouTube Channel.

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