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Fashion creation

[originally published 9th March 2015]

At the beginning of Fashion Design subject I shared with you some documentaries you should watch if you love fashion.

The content of today is about the side of fashion we don’t use to think when we go shopping or when we see clothes.

One of the documentaries I shared with you to watch was Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion. I watched it a year ago and, as I told you, everyone must watch it. Even if you don’ like fashion. Because everyone is used to buy clothes and it’s about who makes our clothes. This is also what it is happening into fashion market today. You can watch all the episodes here with English subtitles. And there’s also Spanish subtitles (It’s a Norway miniserie)

Here the trailer:

Today I watched this documentary about what is behind what we see in fashion industry. And even I liked more Sweatshop’s miniserie, I totally recommend it. It shows the occidental side of fashion in contrast with how people who makes our clothes see it and stand of it. (It’s in Spanish and has not subtitles)

Here one extract of the interviews it has:

The woman who is talking is the CEO of LATITUDE. A year ago this brand followed me at Twitter and I was so happy to have the chance to discover them. I contacted them for a possible collaboration because I would really love to work on it. (There’re a textile brand that create sustainable products in Europe. Now there’re in Galicia, north of Spain). And they answered me suggesting to contact back in the future because they were just starting.

Last week I was in a TEDxBarcelona’s event and one person who works for this brand, and who I contacted with a year ago saying I was interesting on it, was there. We talked and even the brand is starting to growing up now, who knows what the future will brings :)

PD: The event I attended was about what is the future of fashion design related with the digital development we’re experiencing today. You can get more information here. (It’s in Spanish). Also watching this video:

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