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Modern Art & Ideas

Starting Culture Vulture subject I’m coursing Modern Art & Ideas coursera course. You can go directly to the link and study the entire course as I’m doing. Or get some ideas I’m getting out from it and that I’m going to share with you through that blog.

You can get so much knowledge at MoMA Learing web page.

And learn more art terms going to Vocabulary for discussing art and MoMA Glosary of Art Terms.

Now, I suggest you do this exercises:

1. The Cult of Celebrity in Promoting Culture

Think of ways in which popular culture is disseminated or distributed in your world. Go online and find a few images of a celebrity selling either a product or an idea. How does this celebrity help endorse the product/idea more than a non-celebrity would?

Write a short essay about the role of celebrity in promoting popular culture. Think about the various outlets for celebrities to be cultivated. What is the role of media (television, newspapers, the Internet) in creating the idea of celebrity? Share your essay with a friend.

2. Analyze an Advertisement and Create Your Own

Go to Google Images and find three advertisements that appeal to you. Try to determine the following elements for each ad:

Who is the target audience? Who is represented in the advertisement? Who is the ad intended for? (age, gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc.)

Which of the following persuasive techniques are used? Visual metaphors Catchy phrases Mood/tone/emotion Endorsements Celebrities Music/sound

Create an ad for something in your own life. Think about all of the persuasive techniques above when you create. How did deconstructing these three advertisements help you better understand advertisers’ methods?

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