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Design Thinking INTRODUCTION

[originally published 23th November 2015]

This is one of the subjects I love the most, so… WELCOME TO DESIGN THINKING SUBJECT!!

Today I started the Design Thinking Innovation course. (You can also study it going through the link above). And I’m so happy because I have a new notebook specially dedicated for that topic ☻

The bad news comes from that it’s my current thrid notebook that I’m using. Since I was sixteen I always carry with me my notebook of ideas (now I’m finnishing my fourth one); and when I started to develop The master of my life I took another notebook to write down and draw the main strategies, ideas and goals. So many times I think where I would have to life in the future to keep all that staff…

But even the lack of space in your house I highly recomend you to have a notebook to write down things you love or things that take up your mind. And if you can choose I think it’s better notebook with blank pages, lines and squares let less space to imagination.

If you know Spanish I recomend you to read the book “Design Thinking. Lidera El Presente. Crea El Futuro“. (I searched for English translation but there isn’t). Going through the link you can read some pages, but I recomend you to read it all. I’m going to ask for it to the Three Magic Kings (Spanish Christmas tradition).

But let’s stop chatting and let’s go through the content, right?

Instead of starting Design Thinking content explaining what it is, I would like to make you think what you think it is.

For that it would be interesting to watch the following videos that talk about how we learn. And during and after watching them I suggest you, instead of complaining about how good or bad the education system is, to think how we can learn and teach in a different way from now to the future. More things that you realise are up to you.

And watching the first video I remember one documentary that I watched some years ago. At that moment I felt in love with it, and I watched more than one time to reflesh the knowledge of it. I just searched for it and surprise! The researcher being interviewed is Ken Robinson and I didn’t remember it. I didn’t watch it again at that time, but I’ll. It’s so interesting but the content is in Spanish and I didn’t find it in English. Here it’s, if you want to watch it: Los secretos de la creatividad.

One of the ideas I remember I love the most was from one chef who said the creativity it isn’t something taken for a selected ones. We all are creatives, in different ways/environments/shapes but we are. And at every job, at every activity and every day we can create and find how we want to create the way to do things.

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