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Creating a birthday’s present (II)

[originally published 6th December 2015]

Last Sunday was the birthday of my brother. On the last post I explained how I get into this gift idea and today I am going to explain how this idea was materialized.

This is the ticket I gave to my brother:

This ticket suggest to go through this web to get more information. It is in Spanish, but you can read the content in English at the picture below:

Reading the information explained on that web makes you go through this form. The original is in Spanish but I wrote this one in English to let you read it and fill it if you want :)

After fill it, you will find a video that will explained to you what this ticket is about.

It says “According to your answers, our wishing machine says you are going to be crazy filmmaker for a day.” And at the information below the video it’s explained what it is about:

This project is based on three steps that are going to guide you to the crazy filmmaker experience:

1) To understand what is designing for yourself. (4 songs. we have to draw what each song suggest us. After it we have to design a mask binding together the four concepts.)

2) To understand how is the to get into conclusions. (We have to solve a riddle)

3) To understand what is designing for others. (We have to design 5 chairs according to the profile of person who is going to use it)

With this knowledge we will design together a short film or video clip with the following characteristics: it must be record outdoors, we have to use the masks we had made at the step number one, we can’t talk on the film, the OST has to be the music we used on the step number one.

Also I decorated the living room of my house with white ballons. I wrote on them funny sentences most of them from Superbritánico. They are Spanish traditional sayings which are literally translated in English. Translate them literally makes these sayings have no sense at all, so it’s what makes them funny.

Some of them are:

  • Mother mine of beautiful love, what a birthday! (what real meaning is something like “Oh my God, what a birthday!)

  • Be careful, I’m like a watering can! (what real meaning is “be careful, I’m crazy)

  • Litle eye with me! (what real meaning is something like”take care with me, you don’t know with who are you talking”)

  • I want the fat one to touch me (what real meaning is “I want to win the lottery big prize”)

  • I’m going to mess it up BROWN! (what real meaning is “I’m going to mess it up like crazy”)

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