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This year I was volunteer at Offf festival on Friday afternoon and Sunday. Even I could spent less time than last year listening the speaches it was a great experience.

I still need to have a look at all the work of this year' speakers. You can also do it at offf.b...


So because better late than never... here I come with all the speakers that came to Offf at the 27th May 2017

You can also want to know the speakers that came at the 27th May 2017: here they are  😉 and here the 26th May 2017

SPIN W/ Tony Brook: website, Facebo...


April is here with us again. My favourite month. And Offf festival with it. 

As you may know. I didn't know about OFFF until last year, where I participate on it as a volunteer. It was great and so inspiring. So I shared with you some artists that attended that mee...


Last month I discovered the Circular Design Guide from IDEO. 

I was always interested in creating reusable items. Since I was eleven years old I one of my hobbies is to create necklades with materials that others seems to feel like "trash". 

I love the ide...


Following the feedback gotten at the survey I have created an online diary of the master. So you can check which events I have attended and get the knowledge through the websites of the artists or places I have visited. Here it goes! 

And continuing with the events I ha...

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