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Last year I read the book named "Knowmads: The workers of the future." and I really enjoyed it. It's only in Spanish, but probably you know about knowmad concept. If not, John Moravec talk about it here and in his book Knowmad Society (2013). 

In my opinion, the kn...


Due to the knowledge I am getting by studying Design Thinking and Inbound Marketing I had an idea. This is about putting into practice the theoretical knowledge I am learning starting by the design development of this blog.

The objective of this blog is to give oth...


[originally published 5th December 2015]

The lesson I studied yesterday at the e-commerce online course was about mobile commerce. So here I let a sum up of the content I studied:

As we studied at Culture Vulture’s subject, the time current and next generations spend loo...


Continuing with the content I am coursing about E-commerce, today the topic goes around logistic. Maybe it sounds so familiar to you but it is always good to review the knowledge we have.

Logistic concerns: collecting, storing, sorting, transportation, packing and deliv...


[originally published 26th November 2015]


Following the structure of Inbound Marketing’ subject I am still coursing E-commerce through Google Actívate. So the content for today is about sharing some concepts and ideas that I hope you find interesting:

  • Benchmarking:...


[originally published 23th November 2015]


Welcome to Inbound Marketing subject.


As you can see in the description of that subject, I started the content doing a review of the knowledge I learned at High School and University about Economics and Marketing.


For the secon...

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