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Last month I discovered the Circular Design Guide from IDEO. 

I was always interested in creating reusable items. Since I was eleven years old I one of my hobbies is to create necklades with materials that others seems to feel like "trash". 

I love the ide...


Due to the knowledge I am getting by studying Design Thinking and Inbound Marketing I had an idea. This is about putting into practice the theoretical knowledge I am learning starting by the design development of this blog.

The objective of this blog is to give oth...


[originally published 10th December 2015]

As you know, I’m studying a course about Design Thinking for Innovation and it’s centered in design thinking as a problem solving approach. And specially into business environment.

But design thinking can be use in many different...


[originally published 27th November 2015]


The tearcher of Design Thinking Innovation course (Jeanne Liedtka) had write a book as a design thinking toolkit for managers. If you’re interested the name of it is "Designing for Growth".


She analyze design thinking as a...


[originally published 23th November 2015]


This is one of the subjects I love the most, so… WELCOME TO DESIGN THINKING SUBJECT!!


Today I started the Design Thinking Innovation course. (You can also study it going through the link above). And I’m so happy because I have...

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